Editor in Chief

Dr. Nahid Khalil Elfaki Idrees

College of Nursing, Najran University, Saudi Arabia.

Editorial Board

Professor Dr. Sharif Mohammad Shaheen
Professor and The Head, Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Prof. Idress Hamad Attitalla
Botany Department, Faculty of Science, Omar Al-Mukhtar University, Libya.

Dr. Obeagu Emmanuel Ifeanyi
An Associate Lecturer, Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Imo State University, Owerri, Nigeria.

Dr. Jiban Shrestha
Nepal Agricultural Research Council,  Agriculture  Botany Division, Khumaltar, Lalitpur, Nepal.

Dr. Yau Sui Yu

Associate Professor, School of Nursing and Health Studies, Open University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Khalid Jaber K Luti

Biotechnology Department, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad- Iraq.

Dr. RocĂ­o Maceiras
Associate Professor for Integrated Science, Defense University Center, Spain.

Dr. Mayuren Candasamy
Department of Life Science, School of Pharmacy, International Medical University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dr. Ravi Lokwani

M.Sc. (Cancer Pharmacology),  Ph.D, Faculty of Health and Medicine, University of Newcastle, Australia.